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Most people with poor or bad credit don't realize that they may qualify for a loan on a new or used car even when going through the most difficult circumstances.

Here at Nanaimo Car Credit we are frequently being asked questions on what a person's options are when they need a vehicle due to work, kids, medical conditions or a vareity of other reasons. Not everyone's question is simply 'can I buy a car' but many also want to know where they stand, what they can do and how what they've done impacts them going forward. On this page is where we will try to answer many of the frequently asked questions that we get, as we think of them or they come up.

1. Do I need to have a full time job to get a car loan?

Although you most likely will have to prove income to get a car loan, income does not always mean having a full time job. Types of income can include child support, spousal support, disability payments, rental income, pensions, insurance annuity's, and more. If you are working, these types of income can also help. On top of this, many lenders accept different types of jobs and pay schedules, such as part time, part time casual, part time regular, full time casual, seasonal and more.

2. I had a bankruptcy, can I still get a car loan?

Not only will some lenders approve a person for a car loan that had a previous bankruptcy or consumer proposal, they may also do it even if you are still in the middle of a bankruptcy providing that you've made three consecutive paymetns to your trustee and your trustee co-operates and supports you getting a car loan.

3. Will anyone loan me money to buy a car when I've had a car repossessed?

Getting a car loan is made more difficult after having a car repossessed but it does not make it impossible. There is less lenders that will lend money when a repossession has occured but it is still possible.

4. I really want a car with warranty, will I be stuck with an old used vehicle?

Just because you need special financing does not mean that you will have to settle for an old vehicle. In many cases the banks and lenders prefer new or barely used vehicles that have warranty remaining. This is because it reduces the risk of the bank. They don't have to worry about you trying to afford to either fix the vehicle or make a payment.

5. Are you going to tell me what vehicle I have to get or will I have a choice?

You may have been elsewhere and been told you've been approved but only on a specific vehicle and with a specific amount down and sometimes even a lot more stipulations. At Nanaimo Car Credit we will work with you to help you find a vehicle that will suit your needs. Sometimes when rebuilding your credit it may be neccessary to pick a vehicle that suits your needs but is not your dream car. We will try to get you your dream vehicle, but if that does not work, we will work with you to pick a vehicle that works for you right now to get you to a place where you can drive home in your dream vehicle.



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