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Repair Protection

An MSP Extended Warranty can help you get the extra care that you deserve. While it can't control inflation, a service contract can protect you from the rising cost of mechanical repairs. A service contract can extend out the coverage of your warranty to ensure that you are covered while you own the vehicle. Choose from a wide range of coverages to make sure that you are protected. It can also be rolled in to your car payments spreading the cost throughout the ownership period.

Powertrain and Complete Mechanical plans available on new and used vehicles.

Vehicle Protection

Fabric Protector

    - Protects your fabric from dirt, spills and stains.

Leather and Vinyl Protector

    - Makes your leather or vinyl interior soil-repellent and waterproof.

Paint Sealant

    - Provides a tough, smooth, glass-like protective seal over the paint.


   - Improves underbody appearance and seals out harmful corrosive elements

Windshield Protection

  - Powerful rain repellent on windshield while reducing night-time glare by 35%

Credit / Lifestyle Protection

Credit / LIfestyle Protection is a 'payment protection plan'. In the event that you were unable to work due to illness or injury, whether it happened on the job, at home or even on vacation, the payment protection will make your vehicle monthly payments for you.

This protection will continue until you return to work, and is paid regardless of other income. There is no income tax payable on it, it does not have to be repaid, and there are no limits to the number of claims during the life of the contract. Credit / Lifestyle Protection also protects your credit rating and ensures peace of mind.

Family / Estate Protection

Family / Estate Protection is an 'asset management plan'. In the event of your death, whether natural or accidental, the loan (lease) balance of your vehicle is paid off. It's Just like home mortgage insurance. It ensures that your family or estate is not left with vehicle payments, and may have the uninterrupted use of the vehicle, without having to pay it off.