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After you have left with your new or used vehicle our relationship does not end. We will remain here and available to help answer any credit related questions you may have and to help see you through the implementation of your plan to rebuild your credit.


Once the plan is in place we will remain here to help you with the implementation. We will assist you in setting up so that you can start paying off any debt you may have with realistic payments from a realistic budget.


After going through your credit report with you we will see what is important to you and what your goals are. We will then put together an achievable plan for you to follow with realistic steps and time frames. 

Here at Nanaimo Car Credit we pride ourselves on taking the time to educate and counsel you on how best to improve, re-build or start your credit. We have had extensive training to properly understand and read credit reports to be able to see what and how various circumstances and incidents affect your credit. From that we can go over your credit report together to see what is the best way to move forward.


Nanaimo Car Credit provides credit counseling to help you drive away in a new or used vehicle to meet your needs while rebuilding your credit in the process.