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The Fiat 500 is the perfect city car for young people looking to start building their credit or maybe rebuild it after a few mistakes. With special non-prime finance rates as low as 6.99%, weekly payments are lower than $67.50. Don't forget how much money you will also save on fuel with this ultra fuel efficient car.

Have you always wanted a truck or do you need a truck for your job or to tow your boat, trailer, dirt bike or other toys? With the rebates, bonus cash and special finance rates of 5.99% now you too can have a truck.

Need the space of a minivan but don't want a minivan? Occasionally need 7 seats to drive around? Want to be able to get up to Mount Washington during the winter and down to the beach in the summer? Dodge Journey's can do all of this while the new ones have special non-prime finance rates as low 4.99% with payments only $77.50 a week.

Starting a family? Already have a family yet your current vehicle isn't working? Is your family about to expand? No vehicle on the market has the size, room, cargo capacity and seating for as low of a price. Whether new or used, the Dodge Grand Caravan will fit your family. And with special non-prime financing rates as low as 6.99% you can get payments of 80 dollars a week.

The Chrysler 200 is the perfect car for the professional looking to rebuild his or her credit. With seating for 5, a smooth ride and stellar good looks this Chrysler 200 has special non-prime finance rates as low as 4.99% and payments under $80.00 a week. 

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